Come prepariamo il nostro Galletto
Charcoal roasted cockerel. Crunchy and slightly spicy.
Cocked for 50 minutes, marinated for 72 hours. Gluten free.

Juicy, crunchy, slightly spicy!

Come and try our cockerel with fries,

charcoal roasted churrasco style!


Cooking time

Roasted cockerel cooking time is about 50 minutes.


Our cockerel is entirely hand-prepared and cooked.


This ensures a unique flavour and crunchiness for each cockerel.

Made to order

Juices lost by grilling can make the meat dry.
To avoid this, our cockerel is marinated with our specially formulated FunkyGo recipe.


Our cockerels are marinated in a customized hand made blend of herbs, prepared by our
qualified team.

Each cockerel is special

Being made by hand guarantees quality and a unique taste, that can slightly vary for each

Gluten Free

Our cockerel is gluten free, it is natural and healthy.

Churrasco Style

Slow cooked, for about 45-50 minutes, by means of a churrasco style charcoal roasting.
This method, contrarily to traditional grilling, maintains juiciness and inner tenderness,
without loosing the distinctive and pleasant outer crunchiness.


The result is a slightly spicy cockerel, served with fries or grilled vegetables.


Our cockerel with fries or grilled vegetables can be tasted in our restaurant or ordered to
take away.

Friendly customer service

From our opening, our aim has been at creating a modern and affordable restaurant,
without sacrificing or compromising the quality.

Entertainment for adults and children

At FunkyGo kids can have fun in the dedicated play area, or celebrate their birthday within
friends, while you can enjoy one of the many shows, events and live concerts organised
during theme nights.

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Registering is simple!
For takeaway and booking call:
Sacile: 0434-786401
Codroipo: 0432-904131

Open to families and to everyone who is looking for company in a friendly atmosphere.”


…and much more!

But there’s more: at FunkyGo you can find many snacks: choose between burgers, club
sandwiches and maxi toasts, or enjoy one of the best beers on the market, bottled or
drought, classic or special.